It's Mental Health Awareness Month. Let's not sugar coat this, times are crazy.
We're all dealing with at least one additional stress more than we need today. It's so easy to fall into the doldrums of feeling down. How do you take a moment for yourself?


 when my skin looks
good, I feel good.


I find that I'm so much happier when I take a little time—seriously, just twenty minutes—to give complete caring attention to myself. My favorite means to do that is with my skincare routine. I find that just taking those sacred twenty minutes twice a day to dedicate entirely to myself and my skincare ritual makes me so much more happy in my day-to-day. Bonus: it keeps me blemish-free, dewy and glowing,—and when my skin looks good, I feel good. Take twenty minutes for you today.

Here babe, I'll walk you through it.

HOW TO APPLY YOUR SACRED SKINCARE ROUTINE—the order is super important!

I have super dry, sensitive skin. I like to use DHC's Olive Concentrated Cleansing Oil with warm water and then lightly pat dry. Be gentle! Your skin is actually a very delicate layer, no need to scrub so hard. Plus, only patting skin dry helps it retain that extra bit of moisture.

2.  MASK.
I'll use Herbivore's Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask about once a week. Rinse off and pat dry.

3.  TONE.
I am super into The Ordinary's Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution right now. Apply a few generous drops to a cotton round and wipe across face allover.

Because my skin is so naturally dry, I use a two-step process to prep my skin—this is the key to fresh and plump here—and the results are always super sweetly dewy. First, a few drops of Valjean Labs' Hydrate Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin B5 Serum (softly press into skin allover), followed by The Ordinary's Marine Hyaluronics Hydration Support (softly press into skin allover).

5.  ROLL.
If I'm feeling super stressed from a long day, this step is the perfect opportunity to jade roll my fears away—or simply sit for a minute to let the serums sink in and get that skin supple.

My skin has never loved a moisturizer more than the way it feels about Biossance's Squalane + Probiotic Moisturizer. Apply a dab and softly swipe allover.

This is a step I only apply in the evenings before bed to truly create lasting hydration. (Doesn't work so well if you're planning to apply makeup, really!—don't try.) Biossance's Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil is the perfect top layer to hold it all in, and you don't need much. Apply just a few drops, sparingly, and swipe allover.


Take twenty minutes for you today.

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