As a verified member of the 30-plus crowd, I've started to turn my attentions toward elongating the life of my skin without lines.

It goes without saying that all skin will age, and that in itself is beautiful. A life well-lived should be reflected on your skin, in smiles, freckles, dimples, stretches. I also believe that well-lived-in skin should be cherished, nourished, appreciated, and pampered—and that's where my new favorite two-device routine comes in. These cover practically an entire menu at your facialist's in minutes.

This easy-to-use device is a fountain of youth. With options to use the microcurrent on multiple intensity settings, lip and eye attachment for fine lines, and LED red light attachment for overall skin rejuvenation, I'm hooked. It's easy to start with this once per week and work your way up to every other day or more, as needed. Plus, the activator gel gives you the benefit of additional hydration. 


 cover practically an entire menu at your facialist's in minutes



This face spatula gives your pores an effortless deep clean, clearing pores, extracting comedos, and removing blackheads in minutes. With 4 different modes, you can peel on low and high intensity, deep clean, set in products, or give fine lines a lift. Plus, its wireless and compact design makes it easy to pack for travel.


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