This is the year that I put my #selfcare at the forefront of every action. Not only in the making of life-changing decisions, but also in my everyday.

And that includes my beauty regimen. My everyday starts and ends with a little bit of time I take just for myself, and with some of these latest products that add to my overall happiness and wellbeing. 

Clockwise from top:
1. Beautycounter lipstick in twig
2. Beautycounter touchup concealer pen
3. Rose multi-use oil for hair, nails, and body
4. Beautycounter tint skin
5. Herbivore coconut milk bath soak
6. Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe, herbs, and rosewater

Here's my routine:

I spritz on the Mario Badescu rosewater before applying my foundation. Beautycounter’s tint skin is great because you can start out with as thin a veil as you want, and build it up. Then I’ll apply my concealer stick as needed and swipe on my lipstick (I LOVE how moisturizing this one is, especially in winter!)

I towel off after a long, relaxing soak in Herbivore’s intoxicating coconut milk bath, and spritz the Mario Badescu rosewater on all over my face, neck, and sometimes even my legs. Then I’ll follow up with the rose body oil (a little bit -only a few drops- goes a long way), gently patting it onto the driest areas of my face, and rubbing into my hands, legs, and elbows, sending me off into a blissful sleep.


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