On my recent trip to Yosemite I brought along the coziest sweatshirt I've owned to date.

             Meet the eco-friendly fleece with brilliant wit and vintage-athletics-esque charm from Ruffles With Love. Great for the 
             workout freak or occasional sportster (me) alike, outfitting with these cheeky pieces will keep your endorphins rolling.
             Now let's remember that Yosemite, in November, is fa-fa-fah-reezing... I was pretty impressed that just this light layer 
             over my sport bra kept me completely warm —toasty, even. I'm a big fan of anything this soft, and being a brand that 
             sources eco-friendly materials, RWL has totes won my heart.

fleece c/o Ruffles With Love

photography Laura Koons


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