I love sexy man cologne. I love smelling it in their stores, I love smelling it on my boyfriend's shirts. And now I have officially become an addict of wearing men's cologne myself.

The initial culprit; Marc Jacobs' BANG. To quote the Facebook Fan Page, "Bang is fresh, peppery, woody... full of power for the man with an electrifying and youthful spirit." Well now, while I don't know a thing about about jock straps or how to write my name in snow, I sure like smelling of cedar and can appreciate the zest of a passionate life. I became acquainted with this scent at a Beauty Trend Show by Nordstrom last Fall, brought my petit bottle with me to visit some girlfriends on the East Coast, and was told I smelled like a forested closet at most dinners and shopping excursions. I was glad. The woodsy scent conjures reminiscents of summer nights under Mount Tallac and daydreams of rummaging through Narnian wardrobes... very fond childhood memories I'm happy to spritz on.

The affirming culprit, and most recent addition to my expansive parfumerie, is Banana Republic's Republic of Men. A fragrance of plum, fig leaf, sambac, basil, sage and rosemary, one little dab exudes plumes of dewy sweetness throughout the day. The undercurrent of crushed hazelnut couples to produce bewitchments of fire and sugar plum fairies. I've been wearing it to work, on my days off, out and about with the boyfriend... and it seems pleasingly to fit any occasion. The funny thing with parfums and colognes is that they smell slightly different on everyone. The chemicals of each grounding and accent layer react with the natural pheromones of a person, and so a fragrance may have a different impression on a body than in the bottle. This lasting scent on me is sweeter, with stronger notes of the plum and fig picked up than the sage and rosemary topnotes hinting from a whiff of the bottle. I'm hooked. And I don't care if I sometimes shop in the men's section.

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