At 20, they profoundly impacted my life in some way or another. Some altered my perception of it. 

Some gave me friends, fun nights, or a taste for frivolity. A decade later, I still smile on them fondly.

Here's 7 movies from my brooding early twenties.


Legally Blonde

Aw, the baby feminista that I was and didn't know yet. Elle Woods taught us that we are more than just "blonde hair and big boobs." This first one is still perfect for a night on the couch with a pint of mint chocolate chip.
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Donnie Darko

Time travel and an imaginary friend who is a greater power in a bunny suit—this movie quite possibly solidified my penchant for skulls, skeletons and all things dark and creepy—it takes me back to obsessive evenings spent pouring over Edgar Allan Poe as a child. Jake Gyllenhaal can play the shit out of a hot emo kid.

The Royal Tenenbaums
This was my introduction to Wes Anderson, and set off the spark of an appreciation for wardrobe styling and moody set dressings. Truly magnificent in every way.
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Hedwig and the Angry Inch
An indie reviewed in college, this one's a gem. It inspires a passion for people to just be happy being themselves. And teaches the lesson that boys, girls, boys wanting to be girls—all Rock.

Garden State
One dreary evening in the Sonoma wine valley, I saw a little film called Garden State two towns over at the local independent theater. Every time I think of this film I feel warm and fuzzy. Can I recommend watching this one amid the angst of your sophomore year.
PS—Zach Braff is a genius.

Pride and Prejudice
I fell in love with the music alone.
When we returned home from the theater, my friend and I decided the best course of action for the remainder of our evening was to converse solely in an English accent and sip brandy by the fire.
Thus bore my unrequited love for Matthew Macfadyen and a secret wish that Donald Sutherland could be my adopted grandfather, sixth uncle, second godfather, or other doting male figure.

My "Americans in Paris" summer abroad class reviewed this film as a study piece for part of our coursework. This striking feat of cinema holds no restrictions or limits to its beauty.


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