A concept shoot inspired by the photo-printed dresses of Wild Beautiful Clothing means tons of fun projecting trippy images onto living canvas, hours spent propped in heels against a wall, and my first time posing with a snake as a friendly stand-in for body jewelry. The moment I stepped into each of these body-con graphic dresses I felt them hook their animalistic chic into me. These slinky little minis truly are wild and beautiful, and offer an artistic eyeful of images for locals to love.

view from Bernal Heights + Berkeley neon window lights dresses, c/o Wild Beautiful Clothing

 Photographer: Ben Carpenello
Technical Director: Gianni Carpenello
Artistic Advisors: Keith Fongheiser + Vince Passanisi
Creative Coordinator: Kelsey Kizer
Second Advisor: Natalie Borton
Special Thanks to Sayid

(projected imagery: Pery Burge, NASA Hubble Telescope, Oliver Delgado)

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Insta Love of the Day
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