Another wonderful shoot with Lydia.

I love the way she captures ambient light, it's like a soft magic that sits all around in the air. 
The mottled sunbeams dancing through this place remind me of Père Lachaise...
When some friends and I were in Paris a few years ago I loved spending the late hours of a day strolling through the immense tombs and cobblestoned paths lined in trees. The slightly overcast day with the light dancing through the clouds felt very much like the enchantments of the cimetière at just an hour before sunset. The shadows pulled longer, as if waiting to reopen and awaken the sleepy souls laying dormant beneath their mortared doors. For a moment, this day, I felt like I was back in that place... sitting on a metalwork bench admiring the lipgloss kiss-print
I had left across the path on Oscar Wilde's grave.

Photography by Lydia Hudgens — Like Lydia Hudgens Photography on Facebook

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