* "America is my country; and Paris is my hometown." - - Gertrude Stein

Good Evening, Good Morning

Falling asleep knowing you're under the Eiffel Tower surely puts you adrift peacefully, but my favorite part of every day was waking up—not only for knowing that I was awakening still in the city of lights, but because it meant the hotel breakfast roomgetting ready in full luncheon gear earlier than you ever had to be ready for brunch with your Mum-mum. Walking down three flights through the courtyards, and coffee all the more delicious since you're in France, scrambled eggs, bacon, and croissants globbed in honey, and enough yogurt and pineapple to make you feel like a fro-yo confection. Pair that meal with all of the walking you'll be doing the rest of the day and you have just inherited the bona fide diet plan from European heaven.