Pretty stripes and baggy pants make for a wonderful lazy Sunday.

Adding on a hat doesn't make for a bad decision either. Happy Weekend!

outfit: ribbon trimmed hat, jigsaw;  striped l/s tee, forever21;  army green lightweight trousers, jigsaw;  buckle detailed heels, nine west.


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I love the look of monochrome in similarly textured layers. Plus, there's just something so sophisticated about navy, don't you think? Pictured studded gladiators and this J.Crew necklace are my new summer staples — as is my not-so-new, slightly darker hair. I felt the need to get back to my roots (au naturale), and I'm glad that I did.

outfit: crochet-front blouse, j.crew;  eyelet cotton shorts, gap;  gem and tassel necklace, j.crew;  gladiator sandals, target;  specs, oliver peoples.

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Because this is the month that you can really justify that impulse 
purchase for your significant other, bff, roommate ... hamster.

Whoever is the love of your life, here's a list that's sure to impress them 
in all kinds of ways that will have them lusting after your soul forever with 
your mad anti-V-day shopping skills (and by all means, go ahead and 
gift yourself half of this shortlist if your heart so desires).


1. D.L. & Co. Skull Cased Candle
Because nothing says I Love You more than the romance of a burning flame 
and skeletons (play some Dead Man's Bones for swoon-worthy mood-
setting background music.) available from houzz


2. Bedroom Slippers with Not-So-Subliminal-Messaging

Go on, show them what you actually could give two of about them. 
lowf fuq slippers by y.r.u. available from solestruck


3. A Designer Bouquet that Smells Even Better Than They Do (if that's possible)
Only mildly more romantic than hand-picking a seasonal bouquet of flowers from 
whole foods  your neighbor's overgrown planters the local meadow yourself; gifting 
one hand-picked by someone who's paid to know what they're doing who can 
actually import blooms from the farthest reaches of the globe and arrange them 
for you with expert hands. available from franki elizabeth via food52


4. Piebox
As one girl who is dead-serious about the matter of pie baking, this little gifty 
here is a treat. Not only does it say I care about your safety, and the safety 
of your baked goods, but also the whole "look at me and how cool I am rolling 
around town on my bike with my raw pine box" thing is way too chic not to pull 
off in this city. Yeah, you bake pies, and you tote a friggin BOX. You're the sh*t. 
available from food52 oh, and dude? they have have a friggin CAKE box, too. 
(yeah, you know you want that)


5. Just Add Meat
Because sometimes chocolates can be less appropriate than steaks. 
Throw on some jackets, get outside, and grill your silly twitterpated 
asses off together! (be prepared for food-coma-induced cuddling) 
available from mancrates


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Last days blonde plus the simple palette I adore.

I take a bit of a devil-may-care approach to my painting; there is my imposition of a controlled hand to my medium, but that can only go so far. Much of the time the natural imposition of weight and the directional path of paint globs fighting my breath and succumbing to gravity is what comes into play. I enjoy keeping the creation of each work very interactive — I'm pushing, blowing, throwing, dragging my paints. I prefer to work on a rotating surface so as to come at my work from every angle. Only then do I find it contains a feeling of balance and I like to see the beauty in that careful line between too much and too little.

© Alison Messinger 2013.

heels, c/o Tsubo; glasses, oliver peoples wacks




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