Well, it's been three to four days recovering from my total-body sunburn in Santa Cruz. I'd say I'm not too shabby for it... the remnants of my "lobster wearing a skin-kini" are now only slightly visible on my arms and in my ridiculous burn line that this gold sequin miniskirt is thankfully too long to show off. I've been slathering on a lifesaver; Korres' After Sun Yoghurt. I swear by it. Now that I've stocked up on the stuff, I've even begun bringing it into my morning regimen; as my new base moisturizer before applying foundation and makeup. Its cooling sensation eases any tension I hold in my face due to lack of sleep the night before. PS —I'm loving these heels from Zara, can you tell?
outfit: embroidered shirt & hat, jigsaw london;  skirt, h&m;  heels, zara;  bangle, j.crew


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