It's been a day to wear all of my favorite loves... new and old. I received this beautiful vintage mink from my mum-mum for a birthday token, and it's more than happy to be out of my closet for days other than special occasions—or nights spent prancing through the city where it tends to be shown off in local (just-a-tad-below-too-grungy-so-it's-so-frikken-cool) dive bars. J'adore my baby.
What's new in my life are these sweet kicks by Tsubo... ridiculously comfortable! No wonder—they're ergonomically designed with memory materials. The peeps at Tsubo must know that I live in a gait with a minimum of two inches between me and the pavement. I have a feeling these are going to be seen paired into quite a few outfits.
    dress | h&m
          heels | c/o tsubo
         coat | vintage
knot ring | j.crew


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