Often I contemplate the differences and similarities between fashion and style. While fashion can be profuse, I feel that commonly style cannot... and where there may be style, there may not have necessarily been a profuse offering of fashion. I view fashion as a means, and style as an expression. I consider my personal style as definitively eclectic (hence the blog name). How do you define the two? (I'd love to hear your feedback, leave in the comments!)

Recently I was interviewed by hot startup for style-savvy collectors and stuff-enthusiasts, Vibio, to chat all about my endeavor into fashion and some of my favorite collectibles. Check out the convo on their Showcase blog here; She's doing it a'la mode.
I keep books by my bedside, along with sentimental family photos and natural treasures.
My brass carnival horse shows off his stance nearby nautilus shells, coral, a lava rock and one of my hand-thrown ceramic 'mini-urns'.
Some of the random stuff on my desk; I throw things in this decorative tray to attempt organizing the clutter.
A selection of my shoes for winter into spring.
My current favorite pair; spike-embellished smoking loafers from Sam Edelman.

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