A little bit Alice in Wonderland meets holiday glam with my easy idea to
make a statement (necklace) and sign it with your surname!
If you're still muddling through looks for your New Year's parties, try this do-it-yourself-er on for size. I put this little pretty together for a perfect morning-after tea and breakfast, so as to keep up with the cute and glam of my previous night's New Year's Eve partying.

1. I purchased the big part of this necklace — a beaded statement collar — already put together, but you can also make your own by braiding multiple strands of seed beads.
2. Then I added a big bow of simple black satin ribbon, easy to find at almost any craft or stationary store.
3. Next, I scoured my jewelry collection for an initial pendant and removed it from its chain.
4. Finally, all of the components can be attached easily together with a small safety pin or thread.

Party on!

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