Layering with yellow in wintertime... yes, it can easily be done. In all honesty, I'm lusting for it. I want to see throngs of people in yellow this winter. Cheer, people!

What with the winter months settling in over our heads, the cold will be here in no time. But that should be no reason to get your fashion-spunk-a-doo down. I say get footloose with your feisty self and rock it this season in hot hues and pastels. Why not? Pastel in the snow is totes going to be a seasonal reformation rather than a faux-pas. Just you wait. The cicerone has spoken.
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Here's how I'd do it;

1. Start with your yellow top. A pastel likeness is best for blending into your look.
2. Layer it on. Pull other pieces into your ensemble that are like the centerpiece in tonal value for a cohesive look. Pick an opposing color or stark bright for a contrasting look. Here I have chosen items that are similar to one another in tone.
3. Stick with accessorizing neutrals. Black, brown, or various stages of taupe can be your go-to's here. I've chosen black to bring out a bit of an edginess against such soft femininity reflected in the flowing cuts of the silhouette.
4. Finally, add some drama — in dashes. If your centerpiece is not too bold, you can bring in a few more topnotes with extra polish; a bit of bling, or a statement necklace.

Et Voila! You are oh, so chic! (And easily seen in the snow!)

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