The holiday season is here!
Wanting to send warm and creative wishes to everyone on my list this year, I thought to myself... "why not make some pop-up cards." Given this was my first attempt ever since grade school at making folded paper into the third dimension... well, here ya go.
A sweet little winter wonderland of snow.

Here is how to make them yourself!
What you'll need:
*heavy weight paper or cardstock, 5"x7"
(I purchased bristol paper in bulk and then cut to size myself.)
*very precise scissors
*markers or art pens
*glue stick
*glitter, confetti, or any other decoration you would like to apply
(I used Sephora's gold top coat nail polish!)
How to!
Step 1. fold one of the paper cards in half, and cut out a fanciful pattern, this is your frame.
Step 2. pop up what you have just cut, and make a fold where the frame meets at the bottom edge.
Step 3. glue down this bottom folded edge of the frame to a second card, this is your ground.
Step 4. cut out more shapes to add into the scene and glue down to ground.
Step 5. glue another card to meet the ground and the top edge of the frame, this is your backdrop.
Step 6. decorate!

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