The "Rapture" didn't take us, but the fashion did.

Or, moreover.... the entire night.
Black V, a dark night of fashion where the scene is dressed in a chic cloak of shadows.
Gearing up for the show, models and press alike snapped shots in the various VIP areas...
In my seat on the runway (in a room where the layout made it such that almost every seat was front row) I anxiously awaited... press pass, blackberry, and new friends in hand.
I was quite taken with the intro video (snap seen here) "Void;"
a bit about a young man overcome and haunted by passion. The character's internally emotional battle progressively unfolds in quiet, stilted snippets. The conclusion leaves you feeling open and raw through his eyes.
Layering and menswear had me drooling on my clutch bag with looks from Jay Nicolas Sario, Dahae Kim and Menk.
...And provocative eveningwear that kept me lusting even after its finish with looks from LHC Couture and GB Shrive.
If looks could kill... slicked up and sizzling with sexual prowess from Cari Borja and Ken Chen.
Jackets and shrouds remarked on mystery at the show's conclusion with looks from Phuong My.

Snapshots of my "Night of the Rapture" outfit to come next! Check back!
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