More beautiful pieces given to me by Effie's Heart.
I love the vintage appeal of these leggings - they remind me a bit of bloomers. I feel like such a lady wearing them! The white blouse has dainty little covered buttons down the front with a stitched collar across a semi-sheer upper. The bust is outlined by the bustier-look of the solid fabric the rest of the way down. Seriously, I felt très-sexy. If red lipstick looked good on me, I would have done myself up with that too!


I'm thinking of wearing this blouse tucked neatly into a slender knee-length pencil skirt, and of course...  adding glasses. I get into the mindset of a secretary in a late 40's film noir motion picture movie flick when I pull this top on over my head. Maybe it's the cut to emphasize the bust. Maybe the collar. I'm not certain which, but it's so smooth... like a side-lit detective taking in a long draw of his slim cigarette in a smoky office with an emerald green desk lamp by his side.

See more of Effie's Heart Fall and Holiday collections here;
and keep your eyes peeled for Spring/Summer 2011!
I got a sneak peek... and it's filled with ruffles, stripes, solids, and prints fit for frolicking!
(I have my eye on a few things already...) 

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