A light winter rain pats down through the garden.

I love this luxurious faux-fur stole in the deepest noir given to me by Effie's Heart. It is warm and inviting as an embrace about your shoulders. I don it with a satin party dress and fur-lined winter boots. 

Blossoms of crepe-paper white stand still against the oncoming downpour.

I take up a candle to bring me light.

Speckles of raindrops glisten upon my fur like the little tears of sugar plum fairies.

The gate and ground are covered in bits of the sky.


In time, this tree will grow lush again. Out of its dormancy will come the fruitful leaves echoed in the rain.

If you are planning a wander through the cold, this stole is ideal. It harkens my mind to the classy parties of my mother and grandmother, and today it made me feel a bit like a grown-up little red riding hood. You will certainly be seeing it shrugged over my shoulders quite often this winter and into spring frosts and ice melts.

To see more by Effie's Heart (or to purchase this item) visit the shop:
You'll find a vintage-inspired mix that nods to the past of glamour with a modern practicality.

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