Dressing for the day of Thanksgiving with the family; wearing my favorite goldenrod-shaded snood I hand knit myself, a glistening reindeer across my chest, vintage faux fur à la Margot Tenenbaum, and my new kicks. I'm really loving these suede leggings, they feel so warm against naked winter legs. I've been wearing this locket around forever, it's turned into a rose-colored tarnish rather than its original brass, but I sort of like it that way. I do have a new vintage locket piece from a recent etsy purchase, but while I'm still looking for the right chain, I will continue wearing this one here. Again, a lovely day to be thankful for the crisp air chilled in my lungs, the brains in my head, and the people in my heart. The turkey was pretty amazing too!

Happy Holidays!
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