"VHS Tape Collection, South Pole"
I have always held a passionate admiration for people who can manipulate watercolor paints to do their bidding. If you would like to be awestruck by real-life stills frozen in time by the touch of artful refinement, check out the work of Matt Mullins. I've been a fan of his since college, where I was lucky to have come in close contact with the monochromatic radio dishes and bright yellow acrylic interiors of his first series. Now Matt has moved into watercolor, and keyed his creative eye in on bringing the essence of society and its objects to life. I find a calming enjoyment in his blissful detailing of things that go on too often unseen.

"Entomology Archive"
"Arecibo Radio Telescope"

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Find Matt's work, upcoming shows, and bio at matthewtroymullins.com

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