The Parisians have a knack for making exceptional dressing look effortless. Tommy Ton's street shots from Paris Fashion Week caught a lovely little glimpse into their world. Let's explore taking a cue towards incorporating a french fashion mantra or two into out everyday wardrobes, shall we? Perhaps ils apprennent vraiment aux vieux singes à faire des grimaces — you really can teach old monkeys to make faces.

What makes the lady? Good gams, great shoes, a little leather, some light layering, gold that goes a long way, short shellacked nails and an envelope clutch? It sounds pas si simple, but it's actually quite easy.
leather bound — carrying an oversized envelope clutch and paired gloves in the season's hottest color, camel
s'il vous plaît et merci — graceful manners are always in, as is laidback layering
rock that body — but expose no more than one third of bare skin to air, and PS that hat plus poncho is very posh!
mix it up — cashmere leather and fur never looked better together in this sporty meets playfully polished ensemble
worldy trésors — this somehow calls to mind french pirates and doubloons but I like it, and why not flash a bit of excess
matching mani pedis with feathers and lace — every French girl has a boastful boudoir
beauté audacieuse — fear not the bright and the bold against the backdrop of an old city
peu de robe noire — the best staple for every occasion, a little black dress
mode non-conventionnelle — take on the nightly spotlight in an unconventional fashion
arrêtez la circulation — stop traffic, or at least slow it down with a single color in a classic silhouette
bonne posture — half of perception is in carrying oneself, stand for good posture
image source: Tommy Ton /
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