The lovely late Summer has given way to the warm drizzles of Fall. Now is my favorite time of year to light caramel biscotti scented candles in their oversized glass jars and watch the flickering light dance across the walls and glisten off all the buttons and baubles splayed across my bedspread as I knit snoods. October brings the perfect ambiance for a rainy day playlist and drinking massive amounts of hot chai tea... Eating pomegranates and crunching through fireworks of fallen leaves in the dappled twilight... Best of all is the fresh smell of the nighttime; it's crisp and alive as you draw it into your nostrils and stare up at constellations pulled across a dark velvet sky.
I'm happy to share my Rain mix; it's best when played on long drives out to the coast, or sitting in a warm house wrapped up in a fur blanket and a deep read — preferably when the rain is pitter pattering on a front porch or lawn outside your window.

between the bars - elliott smith
she's got you high - mumm ra
it's been a year - greg laswell
bird stealing bread - iron & wine
bookends - simon & garfunkel
hannah - ray lamontagne
la valse des vieux os - yann tiersen
twilight - elliott smith
hero - regina spektor
sweet sweet heartkiller - say hi to your mom
woods - bon iver
the absentee - the boxer rebellion
delicate - damien rice
pas si simple - yann tiersen
as tall as cliffs - margot and the nuclear so & so's
svefn-g-englar - sigor ros
here comes the sun - the beatles
bari improv - kaki king
in due time - the postal service
woman king - iron & wine
row - jon brion
samson - regina spektor
for the widows in paradise, for the fatherless in ypsilanti
the sea and the rhythm - iron & wine
tripoli - pinback
the way we get by - spoon
plans - bloc party
sundrenched world - joshua radin
white daisy passing - rocky votolato
black bird - evan rachel wood
caring is creepy - the shins
the boxer - simon & garfunkel
streamside - the album leaf & sigor ros
impossible germany - wilco
spanish sahara - foals
lux aeterna - the london ensemble & clint mansell
staralfur - sigor ros
hounds of love - jim guthrie
beauty queens - pedro the lion
needle in the hay - elliott smith
la petite fille de la mer - vangelis

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