India Fashion Week is in full swing this week through the 27th. The select 115 designers participating are carrying on the legacy of exceptional textiles and crafting. The looks we've seen so far showcase a nod to the tradition of place in both palette and construction, re-sculpted with a newer, fresher chic. I think the beauty in these pieces is not only in their desirable texture, but also in the way each look compliments the personality of different women, making their inner selves truly stand out. I have a great respect for garments that make the woman who wears them, and do not wear the woman.

Samant Chauhan Spring Summer 2011, Alpana and Neeraj Spring Summer 2011
A palette of dunes in a different light with contemporary silhouettes.

Anand Bhushan Spring Summer 2011

Alpana and Neeraj Spring summer 2011
Superhero glamour giving the strong shoulder.

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