Life has recently come to my attention and one of the things it's been pointing out to me is that aging in winter doesn't exactly lend itself to dewy skin. After weeks of lamenting my recent brush with birthday number (unnamed) on top of the harsh and biting degrees of winter, it was decided that henceforth an even bigger defender of such witchcraft would be needed apart from the usual morning face regimen.

Onward to many stores and multiple fails.... and match! Skin meet your new defender of your glamour - the Artificial Light Luminizing Lotion in 'Flash' by Smashbox. I'll apply in the areas that would naturally play up light well (think contours, like the triangle area between the under eye, nose and cheekbone) either after foundation or mixed therein. It works great to give an all-over dewy glow, or even as an eye brightener and liquid shadow. SO going to use this on a shoot soon!