While Halloween is my favorite holiday (as most of my friends know, Christmas is my second), I often forget to plan beforehand what it is that I will be wearing to ring in the celebration. Most years I leave the decision till the last few weeks of October - maybe even just days before the festivities. This is odd to me of course since childhood beckoned me to realize my costume months before, as there was always plenty of time for preparation and decorating at our house for any major American holiday. This early instilling, now in my adulthood, has become a somewhat saddening fact in that I cannot compete with the planning so attentively laid out before me. Not this year. This year, come January, I was ready. I knew my inspiration and I took it. Margot Tenenbaum, character from my beloved first Wes Anderson film will be my look. I've been planning all year for what to buy in costuming myself. I had made my decision. Now all that is left to scribe in ink will be my plans for the night.

and now for your brief introduction to Margot Tenenbaum: