monday's outfit: I wore my Enzo Angiolini 'zoot' black leather double zip flat boots,

a solid white cotton men's v-neck tee, black jersey fringe circle scarf from Express,
long-length black leggings, and my Lois Hill circle pendant woven toggle bracelet.

This Monday morning I made plans to grab my much coveted grande-nonfat-chai-with-whip from my neighborhood Starbucks and pick up my on-hold copy of The Royal Tenenbaums from the Library.

As I stepped out the front door and walked outside down the driveway to my car, I felt the weather oddly familiar. The sky was a watercolor of pale grays - with no rain in sight - a reassuring warmth kissed at my face and arms under my white men's tee. My car was steamy, and upon opening the sunroof a swift breeze swept through my fingers.

In an instant my body told me it's remembrance of Paris; the pleasant humid days of overcast skies, warmth encasing your skin abutting the slight cool breezes - and I longed for walks down the cobbled streetshop fronts, walking down the corridors to the Metro, and pain du chocolate.