Two things that I love; a good boyfriend & a nice pair of open-toe stilettos. How are the two alike? (a bit of humor to get you through your Monday:)
  • they keep you standing tall, even through a stressful day.
  • they are good to have when attending a big event. (especially if they can impress your boss, friends, family, etc..)
  • they make you feel beautiful.
  • they remind you that you have a cute butt.
  • they work well under anything - a skirt, a pantsuit, a dress, jeans...
  • they come in every size.
  • occasionally there's those perfect ones that you have to have - the ones everyone wants - which is why they're sold out - but you can probably order them online, or if you don't mind waiting for them to be available... put in a request and wait for them to be sent to you.
  • it's always a bonus if they're made of a sturdy material - something that can hold up through rain or shine, work or play..
  • Once you find the ones that are "just perfect", you'll hold on to and cherish them forever.