I have been given the honour of bridesmaid in one of my best girlfriends weddings this year, and our dresses are... yep, blue. Navy blue to be exact. Now this treat has me on the hunt for matching or slightly off-tone shoes to go with my dress. Of course the bride thinks I'm crazy to be planning for heels when the ceremony is taking place on a beautiful open meadow 
(heels = sinkholes in dirt)
... but I think I can live with that. Without a few crazies, weddings just wouldn't be proper parties! Here's a peek at what I've searched out so far...

Not that I'll be wearing Balenciaga, Giuseppe Zanotti, Manolos, or Charlotte Olympias... god I WISH I had that kind of budget! But these pieces of footwear perfection are going to be my leaping off point of inspiration. 
Of course if any of these designers care to make this girl's closet dreams come true...

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