Seven Movies That Profoundly Affected My Life*

*Or at least altered my perception of it, and are films I think everyone should see.

In the order in which they came into my life;

Legally Blonde
Elle Woods taught me that I am more than just "blonde hair and big boobs."

Donnie Darko
Time travel and an imaginary friend who is a greater-power in a bunny suit. This is quite possibly where I developed my penchant for skulls and skeletons and all things dark and creepy - although that could also have spurred from my obsessive reading of Edgar Allan Poe as a child.
Jake Gyllenhaal can play the heck out of a good-looking troubled teen.

The Royal Tenenbaums
My introduction to Wes Anderson and appreciation of wardrobe styling and set mood. This film is truly magnificent in every way.
See the trailer;

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
An Indie reviewed in Film class, Undergraduate, I found this one to be a hidden gem. It inspires a passion for people to just be happy being themselves. And teaches the lesson that boys, girls - and boys wanting to be girls - can all Rock.

Garden State
One dreary evening in Sonoma County I saw a little film called Garden State two towns over at the local Indie Theater.
Every time I think of this film I feel warm and fuzzy. Might I recommend viewing this amongst the angst of your Sophomore year of college.
Zach Braff is a genius.

Pride and Prejudice
I fell in love with the music alone.
My friend and I came back from this film and decided to spend the rest of the night speaking only with English accents while sitting by a fire.
Thus my unrequited love for Matthew Macfadyen. And my secret wish that Donald Sutherland was my adopted third grandfather, sixth uncle, second and favorite godfather, or other doting elder male figure.

The Dreamers
My travelling "Americans in Paris" class viewed this film as a piece in our studies.
The film itself can be quite controversial at times, but I praise it for a bit of cinema that allows no restrictions to limit its beauty.

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Adam Knight said...

We should watch the ones that I haven't seen or we should have an All Day Movie Extravaganza of Alison's Favs. That'd be fun! Great list.