Some of my favorite places to shop exist as such for the simple pleasure of their fabulous dressing room. Now here’s a place I’ll need to stop by the next time the girls and I make a weekend getaway to Vegas; it’s the Miss Sixty store on the strip. Their changing rooms are a cluster of white domes in the middle of the store – a plus for good looks and creativity – but possibly not so much for design – they make for a fun way to change in and out of outfits, but only as long as you don’t mind showing off that silhouette!

The Miss Sixty Store in Las Vegas
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Janine said...

Those dressing rooms are really crazy! Very cool, despite the lack of privacy involved, haha.

Alison said...

Yes! I love the look of them, although I'm not sure I'll be quite ready on the next girls' trip to The Strip! We'll have to stop in somewhere for some tinis beforehand :o)